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The most common drivers of women into incarceration are based on survival of abuse, poverty, and substance abuse.  Other contributing factors are low-level education, lack of stable housing, and lack of treatment for mental illness.  These drivers to women’s incarceration are also major barriers to a successful reentry transition.


Women with a history of incarceration face disheartening obstacles to restarting their lives and rebuilding their families.  Specifically, barriers to housing, low-level education, and insufficient work experience are significantly challenging for women when they are the primary caregiver of children.  Lack of stable housing, education, and gainful employment hinder women from regaining stability and providing for their children.


WOHAD is established to address the critical issues that system-impacted women face.  Our gender-specific, trauma-informed programs are designed to help women overcome the stigma and social barriers they encounter to make a successful transition as responsible and reverent members of our community.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.



“ It’s been quite some time ago, but upon my release from Plane State jail, I was encouraged to do transitional living before returning to my regular home. I was skeptical at first but the way it was explained to me made perfect sense in the end.

A transitional place gives you structure with tools and a purpose. You are taught skills to find a job, cope with on the outside triggers and you are housed with like-minded people. 

Transitional housing can be a buffer that makes all the difference. "Some of us need the experience of people who have been in our shoes, walked our roads, and people who have a God-given compassion to see us want to make it.” 

-Dana's Testimony

Our Mission

Our Services

  • Substance abuse /trauma counseling and referral service

  • Spiritual support

  • Employment readiness 

  • Life skills classes (budgeting, parenting, telephone etiquette)

  • Anger management 

  • Health and fitness (nutritional class, physical education, and mental health)

  • Educational assistance (GED, vocational, higher learning)

  • Recreational activities

  • Parenting education

Our programs and services are designed with our residents in mind and we require their total participation and cooperation to achieve the expected outcome: make a safe and successful reentry into the community.


Board of Directors

Janice is the Founder/CEO of Women of Honor and Destiny, TLC, Inc. With a background in clinical nursing, legal studies, and anger management education, Janice enthusiastically pursues her purpose to bring hope and healing to justice-involved women.

Janice holds an Associate degree in Nursing from North Harris College, certification in Paralegal Studies from Southwestern Paralegal Institute, Legal Nurse Consulting from Vicky Milazzo Institute, and National Anger Management Specialist-II from the Anger Management Institute.

Janice gives back to the community by volunteering services at Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  She taught a reproductive health curriculum at Harris County Sheriff's Office “Mentoring Moms” reentry program.  Additionally, she taught anger management classes in local and state jail facilities.  Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Janice partnered with Standing in Faith Ministries, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with individuals in Texas’ state prisons.

Janice authored and self-published a book, “Psalms for the Heart,” a 30-day devotional.  She has one adult daughter and two young adult grandchildren.  Janice resides in Conroe, Texas.

Help Wanted

We are building a diverse Board of Directors and we are looking for experienced and enthusiastic volunteers to lead and strengthen our transitional housing program.  We are especially looking for folk with marketing skills, grant writers, accountants, lawyers, and fundraisers who are passionate about our cause.

 If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact me.


Women of Honor and Destiny, TLC, Inc. (WOHAD) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to making a difference in the lives of women involved in the criminal justice system.
Our innovative gender-specific, trauma-intervention programs and strategies help to address the challenges faced by all residents in order to make a successful reentry transition.

Your Organization Can Become a Part in Changing Lives

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