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Is there an age requirement for admission into your program? 

Yes. We accept eligible applicants of age 19-45. 

Are children allowed to stay in the home with their mother?

While we encourage family reunification, our services are designed for women. Families are allowed approved visitation rights.

Is there an admission fee?

No. However, once you begin working, you will save 75% of your weekly or bi-weekly earnings in your resident savings account to use when you move into independent living. The remaining 25% will be used for personal needs.

Am I allowed to receive mail?

Yes. All mail is opened in the presence of a staff member. 

Is it mandatory to remain in the program for 18 months?

Admission into our program is voluntary. However, there might not be an available bed due to supply and demand should you desire to return.

Am I allowed to use a personal cell phone?

Cell phones may be a distraction to your progress. Cell phone privileges are based on your level in the program.

Is smoking allowed on the premises?

Smoking is prohibited. We are a Christ-centered organization and we uphold the principle of honoring our bodies as the temple of God.

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